Your book contains a gold mine of great content marketing to help you grow your brand, your audience, and your book sales.

As you create book marketing content and share it, you are helping to develop your authority by providing tons of value to your audience.

However, if you are feeling like you cannot bear to read your book one more time, sitting down to craft content related to your book can seem like a daunting task, especially if you do not know where to start. 

How to Create Marketing For Your Book 

You can pull so much valuable content for marketing your book right from the pages of your manuscript. But before you begin, I recommend that you do not approach this read like the author. Put on your “reader” hat. You will begin to look at your words from the angle of your audience and that will greatly help with this exercise.

There are several ways to repurpose parts of your book to craft your book marketing plan. Let’s do a deep dive into the different types of content you can share.

Chapter Topics 

To begin, look no further than your table of contents. Sure, your chapters may have catchy titles but what is the overall topic you are covering in each one? Take each chapter and craft content based on the broad concepts you have discussed. Not only will this give you a variety of ideas to choose from, but it will also be valuable content that positions you as a subject matter expert.

Client Successes

All those case studies – client stories, wins, and transformations – that you have included in your book absolutely have a place in your book marketing too. You have helped your clients achieve great things and you should be proud. While it may sometimes feel uncomfortable or even narcissistic, sharing content that shows how great you are at what you do is totally kosher. Think about how many more people you can help with your book, if only they knew about it. Talking about your success stories in your book marketing is a win-win.

How to Create Marketing For Your Book 

Advanced Reviews

If you have gotten advanced book reviews from connections in your field and these appear on the back cover or inside your book, feel free to repurpose them for your book marketing. Reviews can be a great way to boost your credibility because you are not the one talking about yourself, someone else is touting your greatness. By sharing these reviews with your followers, you will give them yet another reason to see you as a thought leader.

Personal Stories

People buy from authors that they know, like, and trust. The best way for them to get to know you is through stories about yourself that illustrate your mission and provide details about how you got to where you are. You have likely included dozens of personal stories throughout your book, and your social media accounts are calling for you to post them. We, as humans, learn best through storytelling, so why not recount stories that will make you memorable and your book sales soar?

How to Create Marketing For Your Book 


If you’re like a lot of authors, you have included quotes throughout your book. They may be attributed to famous people in your industry, famous people in general, or even quotes from you. Repurposing these quotes and offering explanations of their significance can be a great addition to your book marketing content. If your audience loves to be inspired, then sharing a quote weekly could be a great practice.

Tips and How-to’s

The more value you offer your audience, the more you will build up your authority and credibility as an author and thought leader. By creating book marketing content using tips and how-to’s that you have sprinkled throughout your book, you will be continually demonstrating your expertise. That, in turn, can result in more book sales.


Never underestimate the power of a good visual. Photos and graphics that you have included to illustrate your points throughout your book definitely have a place in your book marketing. Not everyone learns the same way, so showing pictures from your book may just bring in more would-be readers.  

As you read through your book while wearing your “reader hat”, you will likely come across even more amazing content that will weave beautifully into your online marketing. Hopefully, this even sparks even more creativity for you.

Do not fear that you will be sharing too much information from your book or giving it all away for free. That is impossible to do! 

How to Create Marketing For Your Book 

Once I attended a live meeting hosted by an influencer in the sales space. Her talk was so compelling that I went to the back of the room and bought a signed copy of her book. When I got home and began to leaf through it, I realized that I had heard the first of the two sections in its entirety – that was her speech. But that still did not deter me from reading it and taking in the information again. That is an extreme example of repurposing, and even then it worked.

There is no reason for you to feel that you may overshare your book. The magic number of touchpoints to make a sale used to be seven, meaning a cold lead would need to see your company seven times before they would pull out their credit card to give to you. These days, it takes closer to 20 touchpoints to go from cold lead to sale. The more content you have, the more touchpoints you can make to warm up that lead. So look to your book.

When you share concepts, stories, and tips that you have included in your book, you will be establishing your authority and credibility with your growing audience. And, it is unlikely you will run out of book marketing content. Your book will just keep giving!


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