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grow your business, your personal brand, and step into the spotlight as a recognized authority with your signature book


Write, edit, publish, and promote your signature book

Boost authority and credibility and be recognized as a thought leader in your space

Build lasting legacy and impact

Grow your income (hello, higher consulting and speaking fees!)

Increase visibility with a podcast, speaking and media opportunities, and become a bestselling author

Leverage your book for lead generation and client acquisition

is the only program you will need to:

Author Experience

all inclusive

As a business owner, you know how vital it is to build a strong personal brand that resonates with your target audience AND you know a book can be that differentiator for YOU!

You've already invested so much time, energy, and money into your business and now publishing a book sounds like it may be a full time job. It's unclear where to even begin. And what is required to not only publish but to also make your book a success and give you the ROI you desire? 

In this all-inclusive Author Experience, we will collaboratively create a bespoke marketing and publishing plan tailored specifically to your book and goals, ensuring that your unique voice is heard and your book stands out in the crowded market. 

Let's plan for your book's success. 


Our proven signature system ensures you will publish a top-notch book you can be proud of, and you’ll have a plan to sell books and get real, top reviews. But it’s not just about selling books; it's about building a brand and leveraging your book for multiple revenue streams, including lead and sales generation, client retention, speaking engagements, workshops, and consulting opportunities.

Not a writer? We've got you covered. We have a roster of vetted ghostwriters to help you create a book that is a game changer for your brand.

We have worked with numerous satisfied authors who have transformed from unknown writers to recognized industry authorities, significantly boosting their book sales and career opportunities.

Your signature book has the potential to make a big impact in your business and the world. But if you don't know how to write and publish it with the end in mind (creating brand awareness, building your authority and credibility, getting new clients), it can feel so overwhelming...

So where do you start?

Right here! I’ve helped hundreds of authors, just like you, develop a successful book strategy and get peace of mind, knowing they have a trusted way to attract their ideal readers and clients.

My unique combination of entrepreneurship, award-winning journalism, and PR experience gives me a 360º view of what it takes to promote your book effectively. I’ve been a guest on more than 50 podcasts, spoken on dozens of stages, and published books (including this one!)

I can’t wait to meet with you to discuss your book idea and how we can bring it to life and so much more!


Hi! I’m Melanie

As The Transformational Book Coach for “cause publishing,” my belief is that books are the gateway to creating a movement. My love for books transcends the tactile pleasure of a fabric cover or the aroma of a library. Whether it's helping an author heal past trauma or raising awareness for social change, my mission is to empower storytellers to join the global conversation and create a ripple effect for humanity. The joy I find in working with executives, coaches, consultants, entrepreneurs, and business owners is immense, especially when they share their personal stories and how these stories connect to their mission, message, and community.

Bringing to the table an array of superpowers, my unique combination of business acumen, street smarts, and mystic intuitive gifts opens up a world of possibilities without limitations for those I work with. My corporate experience in working with non-profits, teaching and training in human resources, expertise in marketing, and my background in radio broadcasting and commercial acting equip me to guide authors skillfully through the independent publishing process. Whether the goal is to finish that dream book, launch a speaking career, or build a business, I'm here to help publish a book that not only gets results but also gives back.

Hi! I’m Susie

author accolades

"fine-tuned and streamlined my message"

 "expertly transformed my mindset and my digital marketing platform from tentative and sloppy to strategic and elegant"

"innate skills for communicating clearly, precisely, and with purpose"

"absolute pleasure to work with"

 "highly professional, organized, and responsive"

"very gifted in the art of guiding their clients with grace and vision"

"highly recommend them as invaluable partners if you hope to upgrade and take your business to the next level"

"we are not only indebted for helping us achieve the #1 status on Amazon Kindle best seller list, but also for helping us successfully place our book on Amazon for our paperback book launch campaign"

"bring unparalleled expertise and tenacity"

What makes the difference for your book's success is having a customized publishing and marketing strategy to set you apart from your competition, even in a saturated marketplace. 

We help you seamlessly fit book promotion into your existing business marketing. 

Let's discuss your signature book. 




Imagine the fresh, crisp scent of newly printed books and with your name on the cover.

The sound of enthusiastic applause during my book readings and speaking engagements as you feel a deep sense of accomplishment and pride in seeing your book in readers' hands.

There’s such thrill (and a confidence boost) in getting the recognition and respect from peers and industry leaders when you step into your spotlight as a recognized authority in your field.

All this is possible for you when you publish your signature book.

I am ready

the convenience of a one-stop shop

you get 

Enjoy the convenience of having one reliable and attentive partner for the entire publishing and promotion journey.

With our track record of successful book launches and our insider knowledge and strategies, you won’t have to hire multiple consultants (for multiple six figures) to bring your book to life.

We strive to make your publishing experience the best one possible. You receive one-on-one mentorship and you are part of a supportive community of like-minded business owners.

In the Green Room private membership area, we offer comprehensive training to equip you with essential skills for your book’s long-term success.

Our mission is provide continued guidance, feedback, and reassurance, along with timelines, and expectations so you feel supported and on track throughout the publishing and promotion process.

Join us to not just publish and promote a book, but to transform yourself into a recognized authority in your field, making a lasting impact with your words and ideas.



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