Becoming a best-selling author on Amazon is a significant achievement, but it doesn’t guarantee success in selling books to the target audience. When you develop a comprehensive marketing strategy to reach the right readers, you can maximize the benefits of best-seller status. The Limitations of Best-Seller Status Being a best-selling author on Amazon is undoubtedly […]

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As an author, you have the power to create a meaningful connection with your audience and inspire them to join your mission. Shifting the Focus When it comes to running a successful business, it’s easy to get caught up in the pursuit of immediate sales. After all, sales are what ultimately drive revenue and keep […]

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Many authors struggle with their books not selling well, even months or years after launching. The main reason for this is often a failure to effectively communicate and share about the book in a way that resonates with the target audience. In this blog post, we will explore how authors can rework their messaging to […]

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The secret to leveraging your book for lead generation, expanding your reader base, and increasing book sales is simple: craft a book marketing strategy. We at VIP Book Marketing specialize in non-fiction and children’s book authors, providing valuable guidance and support to enhance book promotion efforts. The following are 12 strategies to try for your […]

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Are you an author with a book that you’re looking to expand into a new medium? Have you considered creating an online course? With the rise of e-learning and the increasing demand for online educational resources, transforming your book into an engaging online course can be a great way to reach a wider audience and […]

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Have you written a book but you’re having trouble gaining traction? Here are the top 5 effective but overlooked strategies for authors to promote your book, make a bigger impact, and increase sales. Collaborate As an author, it’s essential to seek opportunities to collaborate with other authors, influencers, or experts in your field. Collaborations can […]

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Publishing a book is an achievement that many aspiring authors and business owners dream of. It represents months, if not years, of hard work, creativity, and dedication. But the journey doesn’t end with your book launch. While publishing a book is a major accomplishment, neglecting marketing can lead to missed opportunities, limited sales, and hindered […]

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People do not buy books from an author they have never heard of before if they cannot find information touting the writer’s credibility and expertise. Would you pull out your credit card? Doubtful. Although books are definitely not a high-ticket item, they are still an investment of money and time. Remember, people need to give […]

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Without an audience of ideal readers, who do authors sell their books to?  Sadly, the likely answer is no one.  So when authors ask me when they should start marketing their still-unpublished book, my answer is always the same: “Today!” Waiting until your book is uploaded to Amazon or KDP or even after your book […]

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Are you building a legacy book plan so your book stays relevant after launch? If not, you’re leaving money on the table. Keeping your book relevant after you publish it is important for so many reasons: Do you want to have a significant impact and ensure that it continues to be relevant and accessible to […]

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