Publishing a book is an achievement that many aspiring authors and business owners dream of. It represents months, if not years, of hard work, creativity, and dedication. But the journey doesn’t end with your book launch. While publishing a book is a major accomplishment, neglecting marketing can lead to missed opportunities, limited sales, and hindered […]

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People do not buy books from an author they have never heard of before if they cannot find information touting the writer’s credibility and expertise. Would you pull out your credit card? Doubtful. Although books are definitely not a high-ticket item, they are still an investment of money and time. Remember, people need to give […]

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Without an audience of ideal readers, who do authors sell their books to?  Sadly, the likely answer is no one.  So when authors ask me when they should start marketing their still-unpublished book, my answer is always the same: “Today!” Waiting until your book is uploaded to Amazon or KDP or even after your book […]

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Are you building a legacy book plan so your book stays relevant after launch? If not, you’re leaving money on the table. Keeping your book relevant after you publish it is important for so many reasons: Do you want to have a significant impact and ensure that it continues to be relevant and accessible to […]

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It is never too soon to begin building an audience of ideal readers for your forthcoming book.  In fact, if you have an idea, have written an outline, completed some chapters, or are in the editing phase, now is the perfect time to start book marketing and establishing an engaged community. Marketing is an important […]

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Many authors of nonfiction books and children’s books get so wrapped up in the writing and publishing process that only after they launch their book do they begin to think about the need for marketing their book. When you wait until after the launch to begin the book marketing process, you lose vital time to […]

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Book marketing can help increase book sales by creating awareness and interest in the book itself and you, the author.  There are several book marketing strategies that you can employ to help you achieve your goal of brand awareness and book sales. It’s important to find the marketing methods that work best for a particular […]

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Just because your competitor’s book is getting more attention and book sales does not mean that your book is not as well-written or as comprehensive, or your cover is too generic. If anything, when a book that is in competition with yours has more buzz, it most likely means that your competitor is doing a […]

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Your book contains a gold mine of great content marketing to help you grow your brand, your audience, and your book sales. As you create book marketing content and share it, you are helping to develop your authority by providing tons of value to your audience. However, if you are feeling like you cannot bear […]

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You know your book is special and deserves to be in the hands of your dream readers. But how do you make it stand out from the crowd? According to the International Publishers Association, more than 2.2 million new titles were published in 2019. This number includes both print and digital books, as well as […]

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Let's make your book and brand shine! As a book marketing and publishing strategist, my mission is to support and empower authors like YOU to build a business with your book as the foundation and to help you share your important message with the world. 

As an author, award-winning journalist, long-time entrepreneur, and former celebrity publicist, I have a 360-degree view of what it takes to help you amplify your authority and make a big impact with your book and your mission.


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